Vrack Accessories

Vrack Tail Flag

$30.00 AUD + Delivery
  • Quality Hi-vis material
  • Easy to attach and remove
  • Protect your craft whilst on the road
  • Complies with various road rules
  • Avoid traffic fines

Vrack Protective Covers

2-Pack $39.00 AUD + Delivery
  • Reduces friction when loading and unloading
  • Extra layer of protection between rack and boat
  • Quality woven covers
  • Each pack covers either the front or rear wing
  • Order 2 packs to protect both front and rear

Tie Down Straps

2.5m Red Strap – $13.90 AUD + Delivery
2.0m Blue Strap – $11.90 AUD + Delivery
  • 400 Kg Break Strength
  • UV Resistant Material
  • Large Spring-Loaded Steel Buckles
  • Good Corrosion Resistance

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