Car with Vrack installed on roof rack, with blue skies and beach background

Vrack Product Range

Vrack Fixed Wings Set photo with background removed

Vrack Fixed Wings

$400.00 AUD + Delivery
  • Wings
  • Ridge Bar
  • Brackets
  • Fixings
  • Channel Nuts
  • 2x Bungy Straps
  • Quality Black Surface Finish
Vrack Removable Wings Set Installed on Roof with Beach background

Vrack Removable Wings

$480.00 AUD + Delivery
  • Wings
  • Telescopic Ends
  • Locking Pins
  • Ridge Bar
  • Brackets
  • Fixings
  • Channel Nuts
  • 2x Bungy Straps
  • Quality Black Surface Finish
Fenn Kayak on Vrack Wing Pack installed on car roof rack

Vrack Wing Pack

$240.00 AUD + Delivery
  • Wings
  • Fixings
  • Channel Nuts
  • 2x Bungy Straps
  • Quality Black Surface Finish


SUV with Vrack Removable Ends on roof rack with epic v9 kayak
White car with Vrack installed on roof rack and parked on street
Car with Vrack installed on roof rack carrying kayak v10 parked near beach
Porsche with Vrack Removable Ends installed on roof rack with epic v10 kayak


  • Charlie Schall

    The Vrack has been a revelation. I drive a Toyota Land Cruiser and previously found it a huge challenge to load and unload skis and kayaks easily on/off my car.

    The Vrack has saved me. I just load the front of the ski in the front V and can easily lift the rear into the rear cradle by the rudder. Easy! With the great design I just throw over the tie downs which easily hook onto the Vrack and hey presto done.

    They are clearly made to last and are solid. I am planning a trip around OZ" next year and would only trust the Vrack to withstand the trip.

  • Soren Luckins

    The Vrack is super easy to load and unload, but most importantly it keeps my ocean ski and kayak safe and secure.

    Even when its blowing a gale, the Vrack allows a small degree of flex to protect the craft whilst travelling.

  • Chris McKimm

    Before the Vrack I had one of the pads come off the end of the through bar writing off my Epic V9 whilst driving to Queensland. I thought there must be a better way, and was referred to the Vrack.

    The Vrack was delivered to Queensland with no fuss.  The feeling of security with the longer support spread made driving so much more pleasant and it's easy to use.

    Fantastic for highway driving and no whistle at all!

  • Tim Stanley

    The Vrack provides a solution for expanding the tie-down distance, and for addressing the challenge of limited spacing between roof rack anchor points.

    With this setup, your ski or kayak remains significantly more stable and secure compared to previous configurations I've used.

  • Simon Traynor

    I was completely sold on my 1st trip up the Hume. Ski sat in the cradle beautifully… never budged, never whistled.

    Since then I have done another 2 Sydney trips from Melbourne and each time, I am stoked with how the Vrack performs.

    And when I come home and need to park in our apartment car park, it’s literally a 5 second job to remove the cradles, so I can drive under the low ceiling. Such a smart innovation. Love it.

  • Peter Flockart

    I carry an ocean ski or kayak on my roof pretty much every day of the week, short distances and highway travel down the coast.

    Since installing the Vrack, the ease and comfort of knowing your craft is safe and secure (especially on the freeway) is fantastic.

  • Richard Campbell

    Vracks are a tremendous way to secure ocean skis to your roof.

    My car is quite small and the ski is quite long. So when there is a strong wind blowing this creates a lot of movement. The Vrack solves this problem.

  • Peter Bland

    I drive at least 4 hours each week with my ocean ski and often into high winds. Prior to owning my Vrack I found this quite a stressful process as I could see the boat moving, flexing and vibrating.

    Since purchasing my Vrack this is no longer a problem at all. The boat is supported from a much wider position. I can drive knowing it is secure on the roof and it has made all the difference for me.

    I love my Vrack and would highly recommend it to anyone that wants to look after their boat and themselves.

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